Marilyn Foster Jones

Marilyn Foster Jones remembers the simplicities of life growing up on Myrtle, where the sounds of Motown were close to her heart.  Thinking about the many activities and events in Detroit throughout the year, Marilyn gets quite animated talking about all the great things the City has to offer.  Because of a strong bond with her hometown, Marilyn often prays for the city of Detroit.  Her pride is expressed by her exuberance, and she proclaims that Detroit has some of the best churches and ministers in the world.  As a missionary and as choir director, Marilyn gleefully leads her church’s throng of voices to anyone who will receive them.  And just as Marilyn feels blessed, she seeks to return her good fortune to others.  Whether she’s visiting nursing homes to clean the eyeglasses of the elderly, volunteering at homeless shelters to assist women who have been abused, or by offering free performances as Mrs. Bubbles the clown, Marilyn waits for nobody when making plans to help others.  Marilyn just goes, because she feels that it is up to her to warm the hearts of others.