Marilyn Housley

Marilyn Housley comes from a Polish family with thirteen children, and growing up, all of her brothers and sisters stayed in the Detroit area.  She’s lived on Waltham for sixty-nine years, and it just so happens that she bought the house located right across the street from her parents’ home.  Because of this proximity, Marilyn’s family feels a special cross-generational closeness, since her children actually grew up with her youngest siblings.  In fact, Marilyn’s oldest child and her mother’s youngest child were born just two weeks apart.  Having worked downtown for Michigan Bell, Marilyn recalls shopping at marvelous stores like Kresge’s or dining at hot spots like Cliff Bell’s.  And whether it was crossing the bridge during her lunch hour or gathering for a family reunion, Belle Isle has always provided an opportunity to experience nature in the City.  Marilyn expresses a tender connection to Detroit, and she is simply thrilled by the latest efforts to beautify the City.  Listening to Marilyn sparks a sense of nostalgia coupled with ambition, because her memories are vivid and her hope is uplifting.