Wayne Ramocan

Wayne Ramocan grew up in East English Village trying to get his hustle by going door to door mowing lawns for elderly citizens in his neighborhood.  But now, he feels fortunate to be on staff with a thriving community organization: the Osborn Neighborhood Alliance.  Interacting with fellow driven Detroiters, Wayne both sees and experiences the tangible fruits of his work.  Geographically, Detroit is quite a large city, but socially, for Wayne, Detroit is actually quite small, because in various networks, he continues to overlap with the same conscious individuals over and over again.  Simply put, everybody knows each other.  Wayne takes great pride in living in Detroit, and he feels that it is a necessity to overturn the notorious misconceptions often associated with the City.  According to Wayne, Detroit is a city that builds character, and he expresses a sentiment that the people of Detroit are the ones who should be crafting the identity of the City, because they are friendly, outgoing, well-connected, eager to learn, and willing to help.  Just like he is.